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Money Tips From Real Simple 2008-02-18 14:11:41

Six Steps to Worrying Less About Your Money: Part I

Guess who made the cover of Real Simple's March issue? A cute piggy bank! It wasn't pink, but it served its purpose. I was so excited that the magazine was offering a plan to help readers quickly get their finances in order that of course I had to share them with you. The first worry Real Simple attempts to tackle is spending too much, because scientists have found evidence that your brain releases dopamine when you're about to buy something you desire. Turns out money, sex, and chocolate are even more related than we thought! To find out what steps the story recommends for cutting back on your spending, just

  • Make shopping harder: Delete the bookmarked shopping sites from your computer and have yourself removed from catalog mailing lists.
  • Open your wallet and remove all but one credit card: Take away temptation by storing your extra cards in a drawer or canceling them.
  • Change some of your everyday habits: Change your daily routes to avoid the places that tend to make you spend.
  • Cut out convenience foods: Prepare snacks at home and bring them to work. Step up the savings even more by bringing lunch, too, and planning your week's meals on Sunday.


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