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It was another rocky year for unemployment rates, but thankfully there are a handful of careers that have remained relatively recession-proof. Sixty-four percent of you say health care is the most secure job of 2009, a fact that we can all celebrate — whether we needed medical support this year or not.

Do you work in health care or know anyone who does? And if so, do you agree that it stayed solid this year?

healthcare-NOT healthcare-NOT 7 years
Anyone working in Healthcare should be very concerned about their jobs. I have work as a nurse for 25 years and never thought I could lose my job. I have been laid off "due to the economy", TWICE in the past 16 months. There are hospitals all over the state of Alabama that are closing floors and wings and reducing the work force ...yes RN's that are losing their jobs everyday. New grad's from RN school that cannot even find a job, months after they have graduated. The nursing home industry is in worse shape that it has ever been. Caregivers are losing their jobs and are keeping mom/dad at home because they need their 'check' as the only source of income for the household. The census in the nursing homes have declined dramatically. The number of vacant beds in Alabama could close several facilities if you were to manage the occupancy. Home Health and Hospice Agencies are laying off and closing their doors on a daily basis. Physicians are feeling the bite, fewer people are electing procedures "unless it is life or death" because they don't have a job or they lost their health insurance or cannot pay the patient liability. I see more and more indigent cases everyday, people like me and you, life changed due to accident or injury and not able to work any longer. The Health care reform that our beloved President is pushing, is a joke and will cripple the nation by limiting affordable healthcare access to American citizens. The employers will no longer be able to afford to offer insurance to their employees under the provisions of the healthcare reform. How many people would go bankrupt if they their employer did not provide health coverage??? What about our children? I googled "what is the most secure job?" and found your website article. Please do NOT be decieved that healthcare is a given, you will be sorely disappointed.
Frenched Frenched 7 years
I think that generally, the healthcare industry will always stay in business because, obviously, people will always need health attention. I work in a company geared towards Gastrointestinal problems and the company was quite solid this year and we are now moving towards Oncology, which is a good sign.
enchantedtutor enchantedtutor 7 years
My mother works in the health care industry - an assistant nurse at a hospice - and they had three people laid off before the holidays. Not sure this industry is as safe as reported OR comparatively speaking it's safer than other careers. It's tough out there, but tough times usually have the upside of helping us understand the things that are REALLY family and friends. That's my two pence... Gina ;)
bluebellknoll bluebellknoll 7 years
My hubby works in the health care field and although he did not lose his job his pay was frozen. Also, hospitals have it tough during recessions because a lot more people can't pay their health care bills.
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