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My Boss Isn't Doing His Job

Savvy Confessions: My Boss Is Not Doing His Job!

This anonymous poster in our Savvy Confessions group wants to know what to do with her lazy boss. Chime in with your thoughts below.

I must confess I don't love my job, but right now it pays the bills, offers lots of flexibility, and I am happy to be employed, but I am running into issues with my boss. Frequently he will skip out on his smaller duties, but these small messes are still left for me to clean up. I don't think his manager will do anything and I don't want to be known as a tattletale either. What would be the best way to make my boss aware of this issue? Do I subtly drop a hint or set up a meeting to set up better parameters? Or do I just keep doing it in hopes that I can use it in my review as the reason that I should get a raise?

Share your own career- and finance-related questions anonymously in the Savvy Confessions group for a chance to be featured on SavvySugar and be advised by fellow Savvy readers.

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