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Dear Sugar
I am trying to pay off my student loans and am currently working two jobs. My boyfriend of six months doesn't like one of my jobs as a bartender at a local dance club but it pays very well. I feel like the main reason he hates my job is because he doesn't trust me.

There are many guys at the club every night, but I love my boyfriend and would never cheat on him. I only plan to work at the club until I can get my bills under control. As soon as they are at a manageable level, I’ll apply for a steadier career with my degree.

If only my boyfriend could just let it go already! He has actually given me an ultimatum; my job or him. I am so close to being debt free that I am just not ready to give up the fantastic money that I am making as a bartender. I honestly don't know what to do. Am I being selfish by not quitting? Broke Brooke

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Dear Broke Brooke
Student loans are no fun so I am sure you are working hard to pay them off. His insecurity makes me think that he has been hurt in the past by a girlfriend which is why he is hesitant about you working in such a singles type of environment. Have you reassured your boyfriend of your love for him?

Have you guys hit some rocky patches lately? Try explaining to him that although he has been hurt in the past, he has no reason to doubt you. Since there is a light at the end of the tunnel, reassure your boyfriend that your job is temporary. If he is making you choose the job or him, I happen to think it is your boyfriend that is being selfish, not you for struggling with the decision.

Present him with the facts, how much longer you will have to work there, how much more money you are getting paid as a bartender at the club versus your other job, etc..., and see if he understands your rationale a bit more. If he still confronts you with an ultimatum, it looks like you have a tough decision to make.

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