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Savvy Confessions: I'm Lost and I Need Career Guidance

This anonymous posting comes from our Savvy Confessions group, where all identities are kept anonymous.

I just graduated from law school and ordinarily that's something to celebrate but I also just failed the bar. I took it pretty hard since I felt confident that I would pass and that this would open the doors to me being an attorney. I've been feeling like the legal field is not exactly my number one passion, but I feel like since I put three years in and spent so much time (not to mention blood, sweat, and tears) on this endeavor that it's hard for me to let go. A lot of my attorney friends and mentors are telling me to retake the bar so I'm really feeling the pressure. A lot of it is pride too.

Should I retake the bar and risk being unemployed after? I can't get a proper full-time job because I'll have to take two months off a job before the exam to concentrate on studying for the bar. Or should I just forget it and pursue something that's more interesting to me than law?

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Tree-Hugging-Attorney Tree-Hugging-Attorney 5 years
I just found out that I failed the bar too. Though I have a job, I hardly feel like the legal profession is "my calling" - and often feel like I could be happier just changing paths. Leading up to the exam, I told myself that once I passed I would have confirmation from the Universe that I was supposed to do this. I failed by two points. TWO. Not sure what the message is. I'm writing only to say that I wouldn't let this test decide what to do. I used to be an engineer - and I left the profession after feeling like I could be happier in law (amongst other reasons). However, looking back, I didn't really try to find the best fit within engineering - I just hopped ships entirely. Rather than abandon law altogether, I'd take the test again and go from there. Once you're licensed, I'd hop around within the legal field and see if there's something out there that you like. If, after a few years, you decide being a lawyer isn't for you - that's fine. But don't do it prematurely based on a test that (in the grand scheme) really doesn't matter.
ikissonyou ikissonyou 5 years
Tricky one. If you know now you have real doubts about practising law, I would say try something else. The skills base you have is attractive to many professions and will be utilised in any career. However if you can't be sure until you've practised law (which is very different to studying law - and not necessarily any more 'fun') then give it a go because then you will then know for sure and have no regrets. Do not do things because others want you to do them, especially if their bowing to their pressure is not what you personally want at the end of the day. How do YOU want to spend your working hours?
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