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Is It OK to Apply For Multiple Positions at One Company?

Is It Ever OK to Apply For Multiple Positions at One Company?

When you're excited about a company, it's natural to want to apply to several different positions there. But job hunters might be worried about the impression it gives off. If you're wondering if it reeks of desperation, the answer is . . . it depends.

Applying for different positions in the company works if you are truly qualified for the positions you're applying to. It also helps if you are tailoring your résumé for each position. Another factor you must consider is the size of the company. If the firm is huge, then chances are you might not be getting the same HR person looking at your application.

Most importantly, even if you're applying for multiple positions, try to limit yourself and be realistic. Applying to two or three positions you qualify for is acceptable, but submitting your résumé for every single position listed can be a turnoff.

Some recommend applying to one job at a time and, if you don't hear back and some time has passed, applying to another position later. However, the danger of this strategy lies in the fact that the jobs may be gone by the time you're ready to apply again. You'll have to weigh the risks on your own to see which approach to take in different situations.

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thatsjoanna thatsjoanna 9 years
Go for it...thats so if they fill the others U still have a chance to work there in at least one of them.
shanimalcracker shanimalcracker 9 years
I think it's okay to apply for a few, especially if they're in the same sector. However, it definitely wouldn't make sense to do something like apply for a tech position and an HR one and a janitorial one, or a bunch of positions that completely run the gamut.
fabuwhiz fabuwhiz 9 years
as a recruiter working with a team of recruiters, ive seen that those who apply to multiple positions do in fact look like they may not know what they want. if the fields are similar in nature, i can understand, but generally speaking i would limit yourself with what you apply for within a company.
MindayH MindayH 9 years
I definitely agree with sharnie. Plus, a lot of times companies will consider you as an applicant for multiple jobs, even if you apply for 1. I wouldn't submit a resume more than twice to a small company, and more than 3 times to a big company.
sharnie sharnie 9 years
hi...i actually think (from experience recruiting) that there is a very fine line between showing interest and appearing like you do not know what you want to do with your life or that you do not have a specialty. if you do apply for different positions, just try to watch for that balance. if it's a small company/department and they review every single application for every position, definitely only submit one or two very focused and confident resumes. also be sure to follow up with any contacts that you have within the company. if it's a larger company, submitting more may be fine. especially if the positions are in different departments.
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