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Oddest Jobs of 2008, From A to Z

People always say there's someone out there for everyone, and perhaps the same can be said of people looking for work — one person's odd job might be exactly what someone else is drawn to. CareerBuilder surveyed almost 9,000 workers and gathered this year's list of the most unusual jobs held by the respondents at some point in their careers. The collection of unexpected jobs brings back memories of my days driving a snow plow. Just kidding! What's the oddest job you've ever had?

  • A: Autopsy assistant
  • B: Bartender at the Liberace mansion
  • C: Cat nanny
  • D: Donkey trainer
  • E: Elf at Santa’s workshop
  • F: FBI Fingerprint examiner
  • G: Grave digger
  • H: Hurricane hunter
  • I: Ice sculpture carver
  • J: Junk mail machine operator

See more unusual jobs when you


  • K: Kitty litter box decorator
  • L: Laser tag referee
  • M: Magician’s assistant
  • N: Nuclear electrician on a submarine
  • O: Opera singer
  • P: Parachute tester
  • Q: Quality control/taster for chocolate factory
  • R: Romance specialist
  • S: Scratcher (scratched backs for patients)
  • T: Turkey wrangler
  • U: Undercover vice decoy
  • V: Video game tester
  • W: Wallpaper peeler
  • X: X-ray technician for zoo animals
  • Y: Yawn counter at a sleep clinic
  • Z: Zamboni driver


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