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Oddest Jobs of 2008, From A to Z

People always say there's someone out there for everyone, and perhaps the same can be said of people looking for work — one person's odd job might be exactly what someone else is drawn to. CareerBuilder surveyed almost 9,000 workers and gathered this year's list of the most unusual jobs held by the respondents at some point in their careers. The collection of unexpected jobs brings back memories of my days driving a snow plow. Just kidding! What's the oddest job you've ever had?

  • A: Autopsy assistant
  • B: Bartender at the Liberace mansion
  • C: Cat nanny
  • D: Donkey trainer
  • E: Elf at Santa’s workshop
  • F: FBI Fingerprint examiner
  • G: Grave digger
  • H: Hurricane hunter
  • I: Ice sculpture carver
  • J: Junk mail machine operator

See more unusual jobs when you


  • K: Kitty litter box decorator
  • L: Laser tag referee
  • M: Magician’s assistant
  • N: Nuclear electrician on a submarine
  • O: Opera singer
  • P: Parachute tester
  • Q: Quality control/taster for chocolate factory
  • R: Romance specialist
  • S: Scratcher (scratched backs for patients)
  • T: Turkey wrangler
  • U: Undercover vice decoy
  • V: Video game tester
  • W: Wallpaper peeler
  • X: X-ray technician for zoo animals
  • Y: Yawn counter at a sleep clinic
  • Z: Zamboni driver


Join The Conversation
kebridgeman kebridgeman 8 years
I couldn't train my last jackass....but I'm sure I could train a donkey! :D
supertif11 supertif11 8 years
In the Army they have parachute testers also know as parachute riggers. They have to pack the parchutes and are required to test their own parachutes to make sure they are doing it correctly. Pay: depends on rank if it is worth it or not. Me personally: you couldn't pay me enough to do this job.
girlfromlockport girlfromlockport 8 years
I was a doughnut finisher... Hey someone has to put the sprinkles on the doughnuts.
Jennifer43 Jennifer43 8 years
There is nothing odd about being a electrician on a nuclear submarine. I happen to know a lot of them due to the fact that my husband is a officer in the submarine force. Oh yeah..he also was one too!!
Mackee Mackee 8 years
A Clown!
timmy9 timmy9 8 years
I was a summer intern at Playtex and worked for the QC Manager. I left with more questions than answers
alekseyanov alekseyanov 8 years
I got this one. A Pro... POOPER Picker!!!!. they walk around picking up Dog poop. in Apartment complex's. it can get FUNKY... playing with Loaded LANDMINES...
blinc00 blinc00 8 years
Wallpaper peeler? Why not paint drying watcher or grass growing watcher or cow plop cleaner upper!!
Kittytaco Kittytaco 8 years
What about a Chicken Sexer? Always thought that was a weird job.
brandyv1130 brandyv1130 8 years
The parachute tester would defiantly be the oddest in my book. Only people with a death wish or dare devil's would do this. I mean think about it your testing a parachute, if something is ever wrong with one of those parachutes it'll be the last time you test one. I wonder if you can still have life insurance with this job :D
barbarcc barbarcc 8 years
Yeah, what's so weird about being an opera singer? And an FBI Fingerprint Examiner? A lot of these just aren't these weird.
crazy4beatles crazy4beatles 8 years
I've been a J...Junk mail machine operator. And when I was little got paid some extra money for helping peel of the wallpaper.
sandrasandy sandrasandy 8 years
Every jobs I had was a step to where I am now, so I don't consider them 'odd jobs,' but an experience that help me more mature. Anyway, I'd like to be a nuclear electrician on a submarine or a parachute tester (I like sky-diving) or an x-ray technician for zoo animals. I think to be in any of these jobs will bring awesome experience, especially to be an x-ray tech for zoo animals. I often dream of applying as a street sweeper at Sea World just because I like going there and to be able to interact with those amazing creatures will be a dream come true.
jhenna381 jhenna381 8 years
my lil girl would love to be a cat nanny.
ashleypashley ashleypashley 8 years
a cat nanny would be freakin awesome!!! how much does it pay any one need one lol? or a yawn counter dang i think i would fall asleep.
Bibubbles Bibubbles 8 years
I would love to be a Sex Toy fun would that be!! i would go home so tired and want to eat a burrito and go to bed! hahaha! huggs, bubbles
jazzmann52 jazzmann52 8 years
I once held a job as the guy who climbs up on a pole (20-30 feet)to build a platform for the guy who makes billboards. It was quite a challenge!! I would like to meet the person who tests parachutes. What are the benefits?
endlesst0rment endlesst0rment 8 years
I'm a Romance Specialist! Its not that odd of a job. I just work at Lover's Lane and thats what they call there Sales Associates. (Lover's Lane is a lingerie and adult toy store)
nodrog24 nodrog24 8 years
Parachute tester, I would hate to fail at that job!!!!
mt3995 mt3995 8 years
How about testing condoms in a condoms factory? Yeah, those machines are hilarious and do require human hands.
thafinest793 thafinest793 8 years
u want to be a cat nanny, aistea311? i like your cat picture- is that a cat in a hat? i want to be a parachute tester hahaha.... i cracked up after seeing that. it's like a bunjee cord measurer
aagramlin aagramlin 8 years
Who seriously volunteers for the parachute tester? lol
ftssoad ftssoad 8 years
Parachute tester? Seriously?
ccarvalho89 ccarvalho89 8 years
N: Nuclear electrician on a submarine that's not an odd job!!! that's probably an really really good job to have! you'd make so much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! plus all those navy boyss! ;]
Just-an-Eruption Just-an-Eruption 8 years
How about Tobacco Moth gender tester...someone has to check the gender of the zapped tobacco moths to make sure they are zapping enough females.
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