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How Do You Feel About Office Meetings?

When I first entered the working world, I loved office meetings because they made me feel more grown-up. Silly, I know, but being in a room of accomplished professionals made my new adulthood seem more valid. The novelty of meetings wore off quickly, and I realized most of them were highly unproductive and dominated by those who liked to hear themselves speak.

It turns out that I had it pretty good with my twice a week meetings— sometimes my fiancé spends half of his day in meetings! I'm baffled by excessive meetings, and am always wondering how anyone has time to complete all the work that needs to be done if they're in meetings all day.

I'm lucky that we have limited meetings here at Sugar HQ — they're always held with obvious purpose and never last longer than they have to, which makes them ideal. How do you feel about office meetings?


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