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One in Four Teens Can't Find Work This Summer

One in Four Teens Can't Find Work This Summer

Northeastern University Center for Labor Market Studies found that this Summer's teen employment rate is approaching a postwar low, and their study on the issue stated that, "Less work experience today leads to less work experience tomorrow and lower earnings down the road." 16 and 17-year olds have it worse than 18 and 19-year olds as more employers are adopting hiring policies that favor older teens, and the study showed that one in four younger teens can't find work this Summer.

Retailers that typically hire teens have been undergoing financial troubles costing the industry 194,000 jobs since March 2007, and teens that typically found employment folding and refolding are now finding those jobs unavailable. Hopefully these out-of-work teens are staying out of trouble and learning to cope with a lot of free time but no paycheck.


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burningphoenix burningphoenix 9 years
I work at a retail store and we're understaffed because the manager suspended 1/3 of the workers for 3 weeks because they missed a meeting. 3 weeks seems to be a harsh punishment and some people already quit. Now those that aren't suspended are overworked and underpaid because the manager doesn't want to hire anymore people.
o0Riptide0o o0Riptide0o 9 years
im definately one of those 4 im 18 and couldnt find anything it is horrible, im goign to an expensive college. Florida is definately hit hard
Bksuga Bksuga 9 years
I work for a orginazation that helps young people with jobs. And even we have been having trouble with finding slots for the kids. Its sad.
hllrbackgirl hllrbackgirl 9 years
I'm not surprised. I wasn't able to find work this summer. The majority of my college-aged friends can say the same. The couple that are working returned to places they'd been working since high school.
ummyeaitsmarcie ummyeaitsmarcie 9 years
Yeah, I'm 18 and I applied all over the place around here. I got lucky and found an engineering firm that hired me as an intern, but all the retail places were full up with employees, I sent in my apps in April and yesterday I finally got called about one (three months later, gee, thanks). And on the community service, I would have done it (getting to play with puppies and kittens almost all day at the animal shelter would have been great), but as other said most people my age only work cause there is money to be made, I had several friends spend all summer doing nothing rather than volunteering because they didn't want to "waste their time not getting paid" and piddled away their parents' cash on gas and shopping. Also, one of my friends got a job at a fast food joint and then quit his first day because it was too hard.
CoralAmber CoralAmber 9 years
Anna, you are hilarious!
AnnaLove AnnaLove 9 years
Kids don't want to do community service over the summer. They want to go work at Abercrombie, get paid, buy some weed, and go see a movie :) Oh, speaking of weed, I know of a lot of teens selling it around here for the extra summer money. I guess that opens up jobs for the elderly and keeps the kids quiet and indoors...
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
When i was manager at NY&Co and I had Teens working for me all the time, and most of them were (in my experiance) lazy, irresponsible, unreliable, and had no idea what "work ethic" meant. I know that all teens arent like this, I myself worked for the YMCA from 15-25 and I had no problem showing up on time, and doing my job. I have also been management at several other retail stores and it was the same where ever I was.
k-squared k-squared 9 years
Um, why can't community service be an alternative? a) it is a good use of time b) it looks good on any resume c) you can build work skills, even though you aren't necessarily getting paid (although it depends, sometimes it can come with money) d) and so much more! If we could harness the power of the unemployed in community service, America might improve all-around.
spazzydana spazzydana 9 years
Well i'm 16 and i work at american eagle, but there are only 5 people out of 30 or 40 who are under 18. Most people my age do have jobs but maybe its just the area i live in.
bellaressa bellaressa 9 years
This is weird my nephew just got his first job, he's been trying to get a job since he was 13 and he was mowing lawns. He's now 15 and works at McD and I swear you would think its the best job. He's happy to be making his own money and saving. I am worried about seniors and adults who are out of work and actively looking and still can't find anything or those working 2 pt jobs to make ends meat until they find a ft job.
meumitsuki meumitsuki 9 years
I wonder if they could get jobs if they looked elsewhere. When I was 16, no retail would hire people my age unless they had previous work experience. Every teenager wants to work in retail at their favorite store for discounts, but they should try grocery stores, the local pool, Wal-Mart, etc.
HelloAnia HelloAnia 9 years
I bet that puts a damper on their parents, I mean if the teen wants to go out during the summer, drive a car, go to the movies, or to eat at Applebees with friends, that is all going to be funded by the parent, and with the economy and gas prices the way they are today, that's gotta be a killer. I remember how happy my parents were that I bought my own car, and paid my own gas (although it is much cheaper at the time), and paid for my own entertainment; be it Starbucks in the morning, or going out to a movie with friends at night. It's really unfortunate.
erinflower erinflower 9 years
The job market is horrible, I have been a stay at home mom for 9 years and we need me to work again, but job after job stated they needed more recent job experience no matter how qualified I was, it is very frustrating.
KathleenxCouture KathleenxCouture 9 years
I work at a department store in the midwest and I'm 19. We have a good range of ages there, from 17 to 60 but there are a lot more women working there in their twenties than those of my age and under.
sweetpeabrina sweetpeabrina 9 years
Wow! Interesting! Now that you mention it, I have noticed a lack of teenagers working at retail stores. Yet, I haven't seen them out and loitering. Where could they be? Not that I really mind their absence.
CoralAmber CoralAmber 9 years
Um...bummer for them, but I'm more worried about grown adults who can't find a job. I'm sure they can still get work experience through volunteering. Sure they won't have the cash, but it's not like folding and refolding sweaters is going to be a huge deal breaker for future employment.
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