Reader ocpinay shares her favorite sites for planning last-minute vacations on her OnSugar Blog, Tech Living.

I have learned to Google "Things to do in [type in city name]" to get ideas on what to do in cities I've never been to before. I get weekly Travelzoo, TripWolf and BookingBuddy newsletters that informs me about great travel deals. One of the travel sites I usually go to, especially for last minute trips is Priceline.  I scope out their lists of hotels in the area I am interested in, then find a suitable star-rating I'm comfortable with before naming my own price.

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My husband needs to go to Oxnard on business this weekend and he proposed to make it a little weekend getaway for us. He confirmed the trip with me last night. I researched the average rates of hotels in the area using and I bid on them at Priceline. The most cost efficient location I got was in Camarillo — yes, where the outlet shops are. It's a short drive away from Santa Barbara where we want to spend some time sightseeing, and it's near Oxnard where he has an appointment. I was able to book a hotel, research things to do, and essentially plan our weekend in less than thirty minutes. How cool is that?


Spring is almost here and the sun is shining brightly in the California sky. It's time to think of spring getaways and summer vacation trips. Whether you're going on a staycation or traveling far, websites can help you plan it all in the comforts of your home. Do a little research today and you might just save a bundle with deals you find online!

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