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I would be mortified if my parents ever called a prospective employer to try and negotiate benefits and salary for me. Some parents of recent grads do this and apparently, some young job hunters actually want parental involvement and ask their parents to accompany them at job fairs. I think weighing where your first job will be is one of the first decisions we make as adults, and that would be undermined if parents jumped in acting like your agent. To find out how your parents could hurt your budding career just

I understand that parents want the best for their kids, and if your parents financed your college education they want you to put your pricey degree to the best use possible. And while many colleges lack a solid career counseling program, which causes more students to turn to their parents, I think the level of involvement should stop at advice and support. Sending your parents a job listing to see what they think is harmless, and so is asking them to look over a benefits package once you've been offered a job. What's harmful is when they do some of the legwork for you.

Employers may rule out job candidates whose parents involve themselves — they want to feel like they're hiring a competent employee who won't require a parent to attend performance reviews. As one hiring manager put it, "There comes a time when you've prepared children, and you need to let go." How would you feel if one of your parents called a potential employer?


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