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Preparing For a Performance Review

Four Steps to Preparing For a Performance Review

Annual performance reviews often coincide with the holiday season, and that's at least true for Sugar HQ. While there's nothing to really be scared about, it's natural to try and think about what negative feedback you could be facing by over-analyzing the smallest mistakes from the past year. It's more productive to brush up on the positive details rather than be consumed by the negative, so replace any ounce of dread you have by being confidently prepared.

  1. If you went through a review with the same company last year, dig up your notes and check off the things you've continued to do well and the points you've improved upon. If you are a newer employee and this is your first review, ask your boss how you'll be evaluated so you know what to expect and can prepare accordingly.
  2. Think about the feedback you've received throughout the year. If there were instances where your boss suggested you could improve, did you take the steps to do so? Come up with a couple of examples of how you listened to what she said and applied it to your work.

See two more preparation pointers when you


  1. How did you make a difference this year? If you haven't been keeping an ongoing list of specific accomplishments, create one now. Jog your memory, if needed, by going through old emails and saved files. If you don't have a grasp of your accomplishments, then you won't be able to remind your boss of your positive contributions.
  2. Remember those feelings of self-doubt that you had when you heard you were up for a performance review? Decide which of those feelings are valid and how you're going to work on those issues. Everyone has weaknesses, but it's best to be prepared going into your review rather than blindsided when your boss brings up something that's problematic for you.


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