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The Pros and Cons of Dating a Co-Worker

The Pros and Cons of Office Romance

Dating a co-worker can be a thrilling and wonderful thing — that is until the relationship falters. Here are seven pros and cons of dating (and breaking up with) a co-worker so you know what to expect before you decide to get involved.

Pro: Forbidden love can be hot and passionate.
Con: You might have to keep your relationship a secret from co-workers. If the office does find out, it can quickly turn into a awkward situation, and if you do eventually break up, it can become even more unpleasant and humiliating.

Pro: You have an insider's understanding of their work ethic and how they communicate with others. You can talk openly and honestly about current projects or co-workers.
Con: You might not agree with their business decisions or attitude towards co-workers.


Pro: You have the rare opportunity to see each other when you are the most energetic, motivated, and sharp.
Con: If you get in a fight or break up, you'll have to conceal your personal feelings toward one another at the office.

Read on for more pros and cons.

Pro: You're excited to go to work in the morning, and you might even be motivated to pretty yourself up a little more.
Con: If you break up, you might dread going to work in the morning and having to interact with them in a professional manner.

Pro: You skip over the "getting to know you" stage of dating.
Con: Knowing too many personal details about a person can make it difficult to respect them in a professional manner when working together.

Pro: It's exciting to accomplish something professional together.
Con: You might be passed up for a promotion if co-workers find out you have engaged with someone unprofessionally at work.

Pro: It's nice to be on the same schedule and come home at the same time.
Con: You don't get alone time or separation from your significant other.

A few takeaway points:

  • Don't get involved unless you could see it for the long-term.
  • Make sure you both want the same things in life and from the relationship before you start dating.
  • It's better if you work in separate departments or floors, so you don't see one another on a daily basis.
  • If you do start dating, talk about how you will treat one another in the event that the relationship doesn't work out.
  • Keep it professional while in the office — 9 to 5 is not the time to show any signs of PDA.
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