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I read the other day that 20% of men under the age of 29 would insist on a prenup before tying the knot.  Now how many men that 20% makes up, I have no idea... but that's not the point of today's post.  The point is prenups in general.

I can understand the point of a prenup.  I mean, it's all about protecting your assests.  But I don't really see the point in one unless you have enough assets to protect.  If I made a million bucks a year?  Sure.  I'd possibly require a prenup.  With what I make now and the assets I have now?  No.  I just couldn't see it happening.

I guess I see a prenup as a downer.  It's almost like saying you expect your marriage to fail, so you are putting stop gaps in place.  It also takes the romance out of it a little.  "Here honey.  Please sign agreeing that you won't take all my sh*t if our marriage goes belly up.  Oh, and by the way, if you happen to give me a baby boy in the process, I'll throw in an extra $100,000 for you."  I'm just not seeing that as a good precurser to a marriage.

But what do I know?  I'm not married.  I'm not getting married anytime soon.  And like I said, I don't feel I have assets that are in need of that kind of protection.  If I win the lottery in the next few years, I might just change my mind.  But what do you think about prenups?

A do or don't?

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