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Raise Me Up

Dear Sugar
It's time for my 6 month review at work. My last raise was a measly $2,500 and I was hoping for a lot more. I have more responsibility than ever and I work on the highest profile account at my agency. I recently received a new title and I'd like to see my salary reflect the promotion as well. I did some research in preparation of my meeting and other people in my position are making as much as 20K more than I am. I feel so underpaid. How can I bring this up during the meeting? Copywriter Chris

Dear Copywriter Chris
Tell your boss all of this. They should know what your replacement will cost them if they can't make you happy. The key is to be assertive without coming off aggressive. And you don't sound brazen; you are merely keeping your finger on the pulse of the value of your job. If you got a promotion then I agree, your salary should include changes in title and responsibility as well. Talk to your manager about setting up goals. If they can't pay you what you want now, maybe they can in installments. Or, maybe you can arrange for another review in 3 months. At this time, they can check your progress at work. Make them feel like you will work on justifying your raise, but you do want one and market value shows that you deserve one.

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