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It used to be that you asked your landlord for an extension when you couldn't make rent, but some renters are taking a different route. ABC News profiled people who recently threw profitable parties in the name of raising rent money, blaming their monthly shortfall on economic forces.

The idea is to charge guests about $10 for snacks, drinks, and a place to party. Rob Alica collects up to $400 from successful rent parties and said, "When people move into apartments they throw housewarming parties and people donate things. So I said to myself, 'Why can't I just throw a party and have people just donate money to a cause?' The cause being me."

ABC has a few tips for people interested in throwing their own rent party: have the party at your apartment to "show partygoers where their contributions are going"; collect cash as guests arrive; don't spend all the donations on food and drinks for the party; create a fun playlist to keep the party going.

What's your opinion of rent parties?


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