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Rapper 50 Cent Carries $25,000 in Cash at All Times

50 Cent Carries Cash, Do You?

On yesterday’s episode of The Tyra Show, rapper 50 Cent revealed that he takes the concept of carrying around emergency cash to a whole new level: he keeps $25,000 with him at all times, "just in case."

This blows my mind for several reasons. Even if I had $25,000 in, um, liquid assets to carry in my back pocket, I can't imagine doing so — I'd be terrified of losing it or having it stolen, or maybe worse, spending it! It also seems completely unnecessary to me; a few 20s is usually enough to cover anything I need to buy with cash on any given outing. And I know plenty of people who don’t carry any cash at all, relying instead on debit cards.

How about you? Do you carry cash around with you, and if so, how much?

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Ladytron7000 Ladytron7000 7 years
50 Cent is probably the only person who might need that much cash: drivers, fancy clubs, gambling, tips, um, "etc." I'd be more confused if Brad Pitt was going around with that much cash. He doesn't seem like the type. My cash money requirements are rather low, $100 a paycheck (bonus if I stretch it out over a month).
Zivanod Zivanod 7 years
Carrying that amount of cash around is ridiculous no matter who you are. There are very few places that will not accept debit or credit. You onl need a small amount for things like coffee, snaxks, etc. Who knows, maybe he carries around that money to pay people off?
MzKita MzKita 7 years
This man has a $4 million+ home so I'm pretty sure $25000 is pocket change. Also, it was Tyra who asked him how much he was carrying, I don't think he was showing off.
MzKita MzKita 7 years
Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that a some of these opinions would be different if it were Brad Pitt we were discussing instead of 50 Cent?
MLH1 MLH1 7 years
whoa. you also have to realize that the largest denomination of bills is $100, so that is carrying around 250 actual bills. seems a bit thick to carry in one wallet!
MLH1 MLH1 7 years
depends on the day and where we are. during the week, i try not to carry cash, I'll spend it on the vending machine or at lunch, if I have no cash, I'll be better and bring my lunch. On the weekends, depends on where we are. Bars by the beach house only take cash, so 2-300. Staying local, 100 for cabs and petty cash.
medenginer medenginer 7 years
50 Cent I'll take some of that cash off your hands and lighten up your wallet. I'm sure that's got to be hard on your body alignment. I usually pay larger amounts on card and smaller ones in cash if happen to have some.
mek123 mek123 7 years
I can't image carrying that much money around all the time even if I had it. I just have between $40 and $100.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
Holeeeeee crap. I would NEVER carry that much money around with me. I live in a not-so-great neighborhood and if some huge guy attacked me, I doubt I could fight him off. My husband keeps $300 in his wallet that he uses as a deposit when he goes to auctions and I think he's nuts for carrying that much...I can't imagine carrying $25K.
Hello890 Hello890 7 years
I don't know much about him, but I saw the show yesterday and it surprised me how unintelligent he was. I wonder how his music is... As for carrying around cash...I don't even use cash anymore, just cards.
L7amiguita L7amiguita 7 years
What an idiot.
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