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OhPear OhPear 5 years
I am getting snarky now because there is no reason to treat anyone, esp in a time of need, with disrespect. I just had an interview. It was all hunky dory then I heard absolutely nothing after a few calls. So I left them a snarky message that professionalism cuts both ways and not getting back to people either way is disrespectful and lazy on their part and I don't want to work for them anyway.  To any and all employers reading this,  you will get the kind of employees that reflect how you treated them so don't complain about your high turnover! It's probably your fault.
Amiles369 Amiles369 8 years
I am currently one of the many job seekers. I read this article and I agree with quite a bit of it. I also wanted to thank you guys for your comments. I have never really had a problem getting a job, as long as I can get the actual interview. My issue right now is that no ones calling me. Maybe one or two , but I have been looking since May of this year. I am becoming increasing frustrated. I am trying really hard to stay positive. Just recently I was working with a Temp service whom put me up for a job, they had me test for it, and then the last step was they wanted to a credit check. Well , the credit check was a bust, which made me ineligible for the job... I think it really sucks that companies wont hiring you because you don't have stellar credit. How the heck are you suppose to repair your credit if you cant even get a job? And further more , what does that has to do with your job performance. I realize I made mistakes earlier in life , and I take total blame. But I don't feel like when it comes to getting a job you should be penalized for it. Get enough of that already. I am very peeved , hurt and offended. But yet i remain positive that i will get something.
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 8 years
When I interview people who are not selected and they bother to call me and ask if there was training lacking or any pointers they could glean from that interview to help them in the future I am honest with them. It is important for someone to know that perhaps they just needed to update a skill to make themselves more marketable or the red plaid socks was perhaps a bad choice. I have been in a situation simlar to #5, 8 interviews, flown in to be introduced to everyone, shown the entire facility and the flown home to get a "sorry we picked someone else" message on my and time stamped two hours before I left. What did I do wrong? I was astounded. The bottom line was I was considered too old. Of course that is illegal and I had to swear on several bibles I wouldn't sue---but I had to know. I am lucky they bothered to tell me. I can't change my age--but a firm that won't hire me based on that I wouldn't want to work for anyway. Many qualified applicants never make it to my desk because they don't use simple key works used to screen them.
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