Not to step on Savvy's toes, but if you're having a hard time keeping your spending under control, this post is for you. I've already talked about strategies to spend less on beauty products, but a post on Get Rich Slowly gave me a great idea.

Instead of charging that splurge item, go with a creative kind of installment plan. Purchase gift cards with cash when you can afford it, then save them until you have enough money to buy the item. Yes, you'll have to wait a little while before putting your hands on that Clarisonic or T3 dryer, but it's better than paying interest on a credit card balance. To see how long it'll take you to save up your money for a few big-budget beauty buys — and to see the money you'll save on interest —


The splurge If you want it in a month, then save... If you can wait two months, then save... If you can wait three months, then save...
Clarisonic, $195 $49 a week $25 a week $16.25 a week
no!no!, $250 $63 a week $32 a week $20 a week
Bespoke Labs Overnight Dryer, $130 $33 a week $16.25 a week $11 a week

To put things in perspective, let's pretend that you decided to buy the $195 Clarisonic with your credit card and took three months to pay it off. Assuming a 10% interest rate that same purchase would cost $258.50 — more than 60 dollars more! And if your rate is even higher — let's say 19% — you'd wind up paying $328.60 over three months. So as you can see, a little planning will save you a ton in the long run.