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Savvy Readers Talk About Their Comfort Level With Their Boss

I was curious to see what everyone's relationship with their boss is like because I've heard of friends housesitting for their bosses, going to events and even double dates together. Here is what Savvy readers have to say:


  • My boss is my pal. I've house sat, baby sat, and attended BBQ's/parties at his house. The owner of the company on the other hand... he doesn't know I exist and I've worked here a year and a half. Ha. —
  • I'm not comfortable at all with my boss and he barely speaks to the staff. I only have a month and a half left at this job so it makes me very happy lol! —
  • I am my boss, so very close. —

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  • My job is very entry level and almost everyone in our department, managers included, are under 30. Also, my direct supervisor was only promoted recently, and was in the same position as myself before. We're all pretty causal and friendly, hang out outside of work, etc. It's great because we still have respect for them and their authority, but it makes them super approachable. —
  • My "boss" is my aunt and I am pretty close to her. I work at a small company and in the office there is only a handful of employees excluding the two owners. I've only been working there for about a month so I'm not very close to the owners yet. —
  • Aside from the annual Christmas party her sister throws, my boss and I don't socialize outside of the office or work events. However, we get along very well and I feel comfortable talking to her about most problems I'm having, both work related and personal. —
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