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Even if you’re not married, a relationship requires certain financial negotiations: Who pays for what? And when? Often the lines are easily drawn, but sometimes things can get complicated, especially if your boyfriend likes to spend more money than you. It can be difficult to maintain a budget if your partner doesn’t, not to mention that it can often be stressful on a relationship. Is that true for you? Do you find that your boyfriend’s spending habits affect your own?


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sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
My boyfriend keeps tabs on our spending. My own debt is spiralling out of control but I always make sure I put rent money in his account once a month. I try to at least. Sometimes I'm a bit late but we're managing. :/ Soon he'll be switching to being paid monthly as opposed to weekly and his pay slip next week could be the last month we'll have for a couple of weeks. Erk! Luckily I get my bursary for University at the end of September!! We grocery shop together though and generally clothes shop too as I totally can't choose clothes for myself. ;p
LuvLeoDiCaprio LuvLeoDiCaprio 8 years
His spending habits don't affect me because we are in 2 totally different income brackets. He's in the high six figures almost 7 figures and I am in the mid fives so I do kind of expect him to help out and pay when we go out. But if he doesn't it doesn't matter but majority of the time he pays and we both have expensive taste. The difference is he can afford I cannot !
designerel designerel 8 years
He spends large amounts of money not so often-- like a few hundred on something for his car, or buying a TV. I spend smaller amounts of money more often on small things like clothes and shoes. So I guess it balances out in the end.
ohkate ohkate 8 years
yeah ): I see him spending loads of money on his car (which is very nice) and I want to do the same thing with my car but can't. it's a bit frustrating but that's the reality of the situation.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years
I think if I was single I would probably be spending more! He pays for A LOT of my things for me (dinner, movies, outings, drinks, etc) thanks babes :)
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 8 years
Every once in a while him spending money affects me... but very rarely. For the most part, he takes about $100 out of his check for gas, cigs, food, whatever... and gives me pretty much all of it. He wants me to pay the bills and budget our spending. He says if I didn't budget the money we would have nothing. He's right. (I have a way of budgeting our money together. [His money toward all the bills, some put aside.. Mine toward my daughter's school ..which is a sh!tload there anyway, then groceries, anything we really need, the things we should probably have for the family... and then the shopping for (mainly necessities) my daughter, then me, then him. I try to make sure it all balances out.] And I have another way of budgeting on my own when I am single also!) So yeah, all of our money is track by me, whether it's in a bank or not.. so I know where everything is going and where we could be saving. If he held onto everything the bills wouldn't get paid and we would be broke and go under. For some reason he never really learned the value of a penny or a dollar. (He thinks he can pick Twinkies off a fk'n tree... I think Twinkies are ridiculous and make him count his change for'm.) His mother says she is the same way. She lets his father figure out the money.
jessie jessie 8 years
no...hubs has a tendancy to just spend and pay no attention to the money...i on the other hand...if its not on sale.. but then he starts to feel guilty...then says..pick out something for $500....i can't even think of anything let alone even fathom spending that much on just..nothing.
Dr-No Dr-No 8 years
My boyfriend has much more expensive taste than I do, both when eating out (although I REALLY like nice restaurants I can deal with not so good ones, though he can't!) and in clothing (and shoes!). I would like to think I'm thrifty (not cheap). Anyway, since we started dating, we are both drifting toward the middle. I buy some nicer things for myself, and he buys less nice things for himself. But we have had PLENTY of arguments about his spending habits, and about who will handle the finances when we get married and how they will be managed. We haven't worked that one out yet, but hopefully we are getting there!
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