I've reserved plenty of games through Gamestop, my go-to place when I really want to make sure I get a copy of a game, but now that Target has announced their own game pre-order program, my obsession with them may grow to obscene levels.

Announced yesterday, Target's game reservation program starts with you showing up to reserve titles like Punch Out! and Ghostbusters and ends with you getting a $5 gift card when you come back to pick up your title within seven days of its release date. But there's another benefit to pre-ordering your games from Target. To find out what it is,


Unlike Gamestop, where you have to put down a deposit on your pre-ordered game (sometimes totaling the entire amount of the title), at Target you'll only have to pay a buck to reserve, and will in turn get a game specific reservation card to turn in on release day. This is convenient, since sometimes I want to make sure I get a game, but don't always have the cash saved to purchase so far in advance.