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Resume Remedy

In Need of a More Professional Résumé, Remedied

TeamSugar member blackninjakitty is a semester and a half away from graduating but wants a job pronto, so she posted her résumé in my Résumé Remedy group and asked for some tips on how to make it appear more professional.

  1. Get organized: As is, her résumé is a bit disorganized and that's distracting to the reviewer. You want to present employers with a complete picture and not have to make their own assumptions or try to reformat your experience in their minds so that it makes good sense. Currently there is repetition of the same information at the beginning and end of the résumé and it doesn't make sense for her to repeat her educational details.

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  1. Don't leave anything to the imagination: For example, she only includes three lines of explanation under a position that lasted for six years. That's a long time and there must be more to that story. That position entailed responsibilities as a customer service associate, but there's no further explanation. What did you do as a customer service associate? Were your customers satisfied by your high level of attentive service? You need to give a lot more so that an employer knows how capable you are. Also, she mentions that she had a 95 percent accuracy rate for the signs her team produced, but how does an employer know that's a good success rate? She may want to think about adding some kind of explanation, whether it be that her rate of accuracy trumped competitors or even company numbers from previous years.
  2. Revise the education and skills sections, and remove summary: The summary is unnecessary, in my opinion. She should list the bachelor's degree she's presently working towards first, and instead of stating that it's "in progress" she should include a projected graduation date. The education section that's repeated after her work experience should also be removed, and all of the skills she lists along with her education at the top of her résumé should be moved to a separate Additional Skills section at the bottom.
  3. Polish: Make sure the tenses are appropriate. For example, it currently reads "maintaining billing records and payment collection," but it should read "maintain billing records and payment collection."
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