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Resume Remedy 2008-05-16 09:27:38

Web Marketing Résumé, Remedied

TeamSugar member qtpy17 is starting to look for a job in the web marketing field and is looking for advice on how to improve her résumé, so she shared it in my Résumé Remedy group. She has a lot of varied experience, from teaching high school English to working as a content manager for an online apparel company, and is currently a training and quality assurance specialist for a medical center. I think she's done a great job but it feels like a first draft of her résumé, and with a few improvements it will feel much more complete.

Check out my suggestions and feel free to share your own! Just

  1. Make the most relevant experience shine: Her previous position that she held for a year and a half was a content manager / marketing job, which would seem to support her current goal of finding a job in web marketing. In order to make this part of her résumé stand out, she should expand on what she already has. For example, "Wrote and edited website content" should give more information — what type of content, did she work under strict deadlines, was she solely responsible or did she work with / supervise a team? "Researched marketing information" seems particularly vague to me and she should find a way to say more — what tools did she use for the research, and what effects did her research have on the company's marketing procedures or decisions? She should go through each bullet point and expand, telling a prospective employer what types of technologies she learned, not just the fact that she learned them, etc.
  2. The education section confuses me: She was an MS Candidate from 9/2004 — 5/2007, which leads me to believe that she didn't graduate with the degree. That's not uncommon, but if I have questions as someone taking a first look at her résumé, it's likely that any prospective employer will have their own questions. If she chooses to include this experience, I'd recommend adding any coursework that would be relevant to the type of position she's seeking.
  3. Scale back the unrelated experience: Because she's not seeking a job as a teacher, I think she can limit those sections to the bare bones facts like which grades and subjects she taught, instead of including details like "Provided after school accessibility to students" and "Attended/participated in Lowell’s New Teacher Academy." Those details don't say anything that would help her candidacy as a web marketer. She should also consider removing the last item of experience because it doesn't seem to be at all related, and she has enough other experience to make a substantial résumé.
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