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Reader Resume Tips: bluebellknoll Shares How to Get It Right

Crafting the perfect resume and being the ideal candidate is hard work. bluebellknolI shared that she's in the process of hiring a person at her office and has been sifting through resumes. Here are her tips for getting noticed.

  1. If the ad states sending a resume and cover letter do both. Don't send a generic cover letter either. Mention the position open, where you saw the ad (if applicable) and share a little information about yourself and your abilities. If you only send a resume it comes off as if you didn't care to put any work into applying for the job (same goes with a generic cover letter).
  2. Use spell-check and proofread. I don't know how many times I've seen "ad" spelled "add". Also, I've noticed that a lot of people will compose sentences filled with buzzwords that make absolutely no sense.

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  1. Do not lie on your resume. I'm really surprised how many people have said that they have experience on paper but at the interview will admit they really have no experience. That will get you a swift kick out the door.
  2. Lastly, put a pleasant message on your phone. I'm not impressed when I get rapping, slangy, "funny", rude (trying to be "funny") voice mail messages when I'm trying to call and schedule an interview.
  3. Overall, try to stay positive. With this economy, it's going to take a little time but if you stay dedicated and organized when you send resumes something good will happen. Good luck!

Share your proven tips and suggestions in comments, and or share your own list of tips in our Resume Remedy group.

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