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Rise in Harassment By Debt Collectors

Debt Collectors Are Getting Desperate and Dirty

The bad economy isn’t just affecting consumers struggling with debt; it’s making debt collectors more desperate, too. According to the Federal Trade Commission, complaints about harassing phone calls from debt collectors increased by 50 percent last year, and will continue to rise this year.

What kind of harassment, you ask? Keep reading to find out.

In addition to repeated phone calls (which are kind of a debt collector’s MO, aren’t they?), reports of late-night calls, obscene language, and threats of violence, jail time, and job loss have all risen. Yikes.

Interestingly, a separate study shows that Americans are more on top of their credit card bills than they’ve been in years — so why the rise in aggressive debt collectors? One industry representative says consumers are simply complaining more often, and realizing it’s easier than they thought to sue collectors for harassment.

Have you ever received threatening calls from a debt collector?

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Kellijuana Kellijuana 7 years
Good lord yes.. well, not technically me, but my parents have been dealing with this stuff for years. They're credit is... not the greatest. We get calls all hours of the day and night! I'm not the one speaking so I'm not sure how far the actual conversations used to get... we don't answer calls from numbers we don't recognize anymore. My parents also get plenty of calls from those scam collection agencies which aren't actually charged with the duty of collecting the debt but get your info and demand payment for a debt that you owe someone else or may very well have already paid-in-full!
amber512 amber512 7 years
Thankfully I have never been behind on a payment so I have never had to deal with a debt collector.
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