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Geek Tip: Manage Your Money With Rudder

My aunt is a bank manager, and I told her at a recent family event that I don't use a check register to keep track of my deposits and withdraws from my checking account.

She gave me a lecture about being responsible with my money, and wondered how I didn't overdraw my accounts all the time. But being that I only write one check a month for rent, and all my other bills are paid online, I don't really see the need! (Not sure if that's a Savvy approved thing to do, but hey. . .)

So when I found Rudder, it gave me yet another excuse to break my paper habit. Rudder is a cool app that delivers daily money updates right to your inbox. Rudder calculates how much money you'll have after all your bills are paid, shows you daily balances on your accounts and credit cards, and even alerts you when your bills are due. I don't even need my paper statements anymore, since Rudder keeps me on top of my money! And paired with Dime tracker, I think I've got my funds covered from start to finish. Worried about security? See why you shouldn't be when you


Rudder uses the same encryption as banks use on their websites, so you can be sure that your info isn't going anywhere except to your inbox. Plus Rudder's servers are monitored 24/7, and would never even think of selling your info — they're cool like that. And the best news is that the service is free! How appropriate, right? You know, since we're talking about money and all . . .

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