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Rules For Your First Week of Work

It might take about three months to feel like you've got the hang of your job responsibilities, but the first week is when you make your first (and lasting) impression and begin making new office friends. US News published a list of "42 Rules For Your First Week," and I've chosen five, one for each work day, that I think are most important and why.

  • Show up on time. This is especially important on day one because someone else is likely working you into her schedule. The person who shows you around and gets you situated has her own job to do, too.
  • Remember coworkers' names. Even if you're not out to make work friends, it's crucial that you remember the names of colleagues in order to begin establishing a respectful rapport.

There are three more rules so just


  • Assume the training will help you do your job. Training can be terribly boring, particularly if you tend to learn better through hands-on experiences, but approach any training processes with the mentality that you'll get something out of it. You're likely to take away at least a couple of pointers, and it's a great opportunity to ask questions before being thrown into your daily grind.
  • Observe first—then speak. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and nervous when beginning a new job, so to stop those nerves from making you say something that isn't the smartest, step back before you step in.
  • Ask for work. Be proactive from the start and keep yourself busy to show what kind of worker you are, which is particularly important during your first weeks when opinions are being formed about you.


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