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Upon reading the opinion of Laura Samuels, director of corporate communications for a transportation retailer, I almost forwarded the article to GiggleSugar because here's what Laura wrote in an email to CNN Money.

Airport prices reflect the local street prices where the airport is located, in some cases allowing a small percentage above to allow for additional handing/freight costs to airports. We feel that though customers may be somewhat 'captive' during their wait times at airports, they are also very savvy consumers who know the cost of goods.

Is Laura living in a bizarro world, or am I hallucinating the $4 bottled waters sold in airport newsstands? Summer for many of us means more time in the airport than we care to spend. If you're stuck buying something from the airport, send me a message and let me know if your items were comparable to what you'd see outside the big sliding glass doors. I'll be saving my receipts from my travels, too, and report back to all of you.


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