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My best friend has a beautiful necklace that still has its diamond shine, but I haven't seen her wear it in ages. She keeps it tucked away because it was a gift from an ex-boyfriend and she's now engaged to her dream guy. His personality is laid back and he probably wouldn't think anything of her sporting a pretty necklace from an ex, but out of respect she chooses not to wear it.

How many of us have tokens of our past loves that go unworn? Instead of selling your jewelry-with-history on eBay or letting it collect dust in a drawer, why not sell it on a website dedicated to gems with a story? A site called launched in February, and it allows users to sell, auction, trade or simply give away their jewelry. The catch — you must tell your story behind each item. In this way, the two Los Angeles women who founded the site have created a service that could also function as type of healing community.

I think it's a brilliant idea on their part, and if you're ready to part with the items it's a great way to put some extra cash in your pocket, start your emergency fund, or make an extra deposit in your retirement account. Will you be listing your jewelry anytime soon?

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