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Relating to the topic of cleavage at the office, TeamSugar member ilanac13 shared how her old company handled cracking down on their dress code and said,

"HR used to have to go around and monitor what people wore because clients would come to our offices all the time and there was a line that was being crossed on what was OK to see and what wasn't. They would send people home if they weren't dressed properly...or they would make you wear a long white t-shirt over your clothes which was just as embarrassing."

The white t-shirt thing seems really nutty to me! Picturing Human Resources putting XL Hanes White T-Shirts on their expense reports is a bit laughable. There wasn't a long t-shirt policy at my old job, but there were some interesting dress code related issues. Shortly after having ACL surgery, one of my colleagues came to the office in shorts because he couldn't fit pants over his large cast. They were knee-length, roomy shorts that weren't offensive to anyone, except the CEO who sent him home for disobeying the dress code — even though the guy cleared his shorts with HR before coming back to work.

Between the experiences of ilanic13 and my own, it seems that sending an employee home is something that some HR departments find useful. Do you think it's an appropriate action?


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