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Should I Give 'Em A Little Something Extra?

Should I Give 'Em A Little Something Extra?

Dear Sugar,
I'm making a long distance move tomorrow and I have hired two guys from a local moving company to load my furniture and boxes from my house onto a truck I've rented. In their fee, I've also included the cost of gas for them to come out to my house.

It'll probably end up costing about $400 total, but I'm not sure of the etiquette on things like this. Should I tip them or not? - And if I do tip them, what's a ballpark amount? Please advise and fast, they arrive EARLY. Making Moves Monique

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Dear Making Moves Monique
I've just written about this same kind of thing on a previous post To Tip Or Not To Tip.

If the movers do a fantabulous job and go above and beyond without breaking too many things (kidding), then definitely give them a tip. I think something around $20 each would be great.

But since you are paying them in cash, and you've negotiated directly with them without having to go through their boss or anything, I think the $400 is fine. A tip is entirely up to how generous you are feeling and how much cash you've got to spare.

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