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Ask Savvy: Should I Job Search While Temping?

Dear Savvy,

I'm not sure how common this is, but right now, I'm a temp at my current job. When I started this assignment it was supposed to end on Aug. 31, but it was extended to Oct. 31, and a few days ago I found out the status of my temp assignment was changed to indefinite. I'm happy that I'll be working past Oct. 31, and they said that there might be a possibility for my assignment to change to a permanent position.

While I would be happy if my temp assignment becomes permanent, it's not set in stone. What my question is, do I keep looking for jobs? I haven't really had a chance to look for jobs since I'm working 40 hours a week, and I always assumed that I would start looking again when my assignment ended. Now that there's no concrete end to the assignment, what do I do? Keep looking for a permanent job, or just wait and see with the temp position?

Savvy says: It's highly common for companies to extend temporary assignments like yours. Find out my tips for how to proceed when you



When you're working a temporary job, your supervisors fully expect that you're simultaneously looking for another, more permanent position. There's nothing sneaky about it — you're called a temp for a reason. Instead of passively waiting around for your current employer to tell you how much longer your services will be in demand, consider how you'd ideally like the situation to play out.

Go to your supervisor and discuss your desire to work at the company in a permanent role, and ask her what you can do to make this a reality. If you don't speak up about your interest to transition into a permanent employee, then the company doesn't know whether or not you're just waiting it out until something better comes along. There's a good chance the employer might not be able to give you straight answer about your future there, but it's still a good idea for you to be up-front about your desire to be there long-term, so they understand you want more than just a temp job.

You have at least another month on-board with your current employer, but I suggest taking the steps to look for a permanent position somewhere else by updating your resume and searching for work that appeals to you. Keep your options open, so that you're in control of your career path.

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