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Dear Sugar
I've just graduated from college and I got a great job that starts in September, however, it doesn't pay a lot. My parents have offered me my old room in my house rent free, but I don't want to feel like a total loser living at home and commuting to the city for work.

I am worried how I am going to develop a post-college social life living two doors down from my parents bedroom. Plus, if I am living under their roof, I am going to still be under their authority. I need help making this decision. Humble Hunter

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Dear Humble Hunter
This really depends on the type of person that you are. Ask yourself what's going to stress you out more; living in a crappy apartment with at least one roommate, worrying about bills and watching what you spend on food and every other little thing - but you'll have your independence ...

Or... saving some money living at home and crashing at friend's apartments in the city on the weekends. Most likely, you won't be going out much during the week anyway if you are just starting a new job.

Set a goal for yourself and try living at home for one year. This way you have time to find an affordable apartment in a neighborhood you like and you will also have a little bit of savings so that you can really enjoy city life.

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