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One of my best girlfriends is getting married in just two months, and yesterday we discussed whether or not her wedding should come into conversation during an upcoming job interview. Her dad advised that she shouldn't bring it up, while her fiancé and the woman who is her connection with the new company said that she should mention it. She doesn't want the upcoming wedding and honeymoon to give her a disadvantage but she doesn't want to be dishonest, either. Find out what I suggested when you


Her career is one that requires flexibility in terms of start date, and employers in her field generally expect new hires to start ASAP. She explained that availability may very well come up in the first few minutes of the interview because of its importance. While talk of timing is a natural lead for discussing other scheduling issues like her wedding, it's not appropriate to bring that up before talking about other things like her qualifications for the job. In this instance she should wait until the end of the interview to mention it.

We ran through other scenarios, like the fact that her young and newly married interviewer may notice her gorgeous engagement ring and ask if she's engaged or married — that open door would be ideal. Ultimately we agreed that no matter how the interview plays out it's necessary to be honest about her wedding that's just two months away. If the question of when is she available to start doesn't come up until the end of her interview, I suggested that would be a good time to say that she's eager to begin working with them immediately but wants to let them know about her August wedding.

In my opinion, she should let them know about her wedding because it takes place within her first couple months of work, but if her wedding were much farther away I wouldn't have given the same advice. I can't see this being an issue unless there is some enormous project that coincides with the time she'd be away. Taking two weeks off isn't a terribly long time, especially if they think she's the perfect fit for the position. Would you tell an employer about your upcoming wedding if it were in such close proximity?

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