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Shut Out

Dear Sugar
I was in desperate need for a summer job so I asked my best friend to help me get hired at the store where she works. After one interview, I was hired. We made it a point to not chit chat on the job and I did my best to show everyone that I got hired because I am qualified for the job, not just because I had the inside track.

There is another girl that works with us who is also close with my best friend, but I never really knew her before I started my job. On our first shift working together, they completely ignored me and totally shut me out. Now, every time we work together, I feel like they gang up on me and make me do all the work.

When my friend calls me at home, she acts like everything is normal. I really need the money which is why I am sticking with the job, but I don't know how to make this situation better. Should I quit or talk to my friend? Do you have any advice? Left out Lara

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Dear Left out Lara
I am sorry you feel like the odd woman out. Could your friend be acting superior to you since she helped you get this job? I am sure you were excited about working with your best pal so feeling neglected by her can't feel very good. Had you had a falling out prior to accepting the position?

Girls ganging up on their friends is most commonly caused by insecurity. There could be a number of reasons why she is giving you the cold shoulder at work so, the best thing to do is have a talk with your friend. Tell her that you feel neglected and excluded and while you are happy she has made new friends you shouldn't be put on the back burner as a result.

It is perfectly normal for friends to act out of insecurity, but hopefully after a talk, you and your best friend can get back on the same page. You never know, perhaps this situation will spark a fun working relationship between all three of you. Good luck.

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