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Six Industries Vulnerable to Layoffs

About 760,000 US workers were laid off this year and 25 percent of employers anticipate layoffs in the next 12 month period. It's suggested that the big question for some sectors isn't if, but when, layoffs will occur, and here are the industries that experts say are more vulnerable to a compromised workforce than others.

  • Housing: Beyond the jobs lost from the mortgage meltdown like mortgage lenders and homebuilders, jobs in commercial real-estate and at real-estate agencies could be the next to go.
  • Finance: Expect more layoffs as financial firms reorganize and consolidate.
  • Retail: The holidays look dismal for retailers and that doesn't fare well for industry employees.
  • Publishing: We can expect tough times ahead for newspapers and magazines that rely on advertisers.
  • Autos: Plummeting sales will likely lead to layoffs in manufacturing and at dealerships and suppliers.
  • Travel: With consumers spending less on travel, there may be layers of layoffs from airlines, rental cars, hotels, and restaurants.


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