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Some Credit Card Companies to Begin Charging For Having a Zero Balance

How Your Zero-Balance Credit Card Could Cost You

Think you’re avoiding extra fees by being savvy and paying off your credit cards in full every month? Maybe not any more. Some companies, including Bank of America and Citigroup, may start charging credit card holders for not using their cards enough. Good habits like paying off your balance in full, not using your card for a few months, or even not spending quite enough every month could all earn you extra fees.

Credit card companies have just a few short months before new regulations go into effect, and they appear to be getting desperate. Card holders have seen everything from higher interest rates to new annual fees over the past few months, as companies scramble to stay ahead of the restrictions that'll go into effect in February.

If you start seeing these fees, you do, of course, have options. You can call the company and complain (although there’s no guarantee they’ll listen; remember the Debtor’s Revolt woman?), move to another company that doesn’t charge these fees, or cancel your cards altogether. What do you think of these proposed fees? What will you do if your credit card starts charging them?

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