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Stress-Relief Kit: Budgeting for Peace of Mind

This DearSugar feature is all about ways to understand, limit or manage stress. It's also meant to help you be prepared for stressful situations (thus the kit) and to know how best to care for yourself during the worst of it. And we can't talk about stress without talking about cash. We all deal with money worries, a bad money habit, or hopes that outnumber the dollars in our savings account, if we have a savings account.

For more information and an easy budgeting tool

The first, best tool for eliminating money stress is to make and keep a budget. We're always talking on this site about honesty and responsibility . . . well, there's no reason to put one's head in the sand about spending habits, especially if we don't respect that tendency anywhere else in our lives. But who has the time to sit down and make that budget tool? Well, the Consumerist does. I bring you the link to a downloadable excel budget template, all set up and ready to go! The link will direct you to a 9-Step Beginner's Budget, where you'll get a set of instructions for the excel grid, too.

It's one step toward a little more peace of mind and awareness, and toward creating the life you want. Anybody have a great budgeting trick or a story about kicking a bad money habit? We could all use a little inspiration!


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