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Sathya100674 Sathya100674 3 years

Hi, I am from Bangalore and recently I lost my job in the month of July - 2014, I am in deep trouble run my family without my salary. I have to pay my daughters school fees otherwise the school authorities will not allow them to write the exam. Please help me to pay the school fees $2000 which I will return to you in a short period. My email Id. I request you to help me and my daughters education. Thanks-Sathya

Jesusnme Jesusnme 3 years
Hi I am disabled and really in financial trouble my husband is sick with diabeties and heart problems we have 2 special needs children we are getting ready to lose our home, lights , water and our minds. I have no where to turn please help our family and I know it will be return 10 30 60 100 fold I will rest on that promise from the Lord. Please we are almost out of time Paypal
UzumakiFix UzumakiFix 3 years
Hello! I am an artist and like many others I am struggling as well. I will send you original art of mine for whoever sends me money. ---Paypal! :]]
wolfbadger1 wolfbadger1 3 years
I have over £28k of debts and I feel like I am drowning in debt if anyone can help me this is a link to donate to my paypal thank you
MariaPo MariaPo 4 years
For more information :
Getspaidto14767100 Getspaidto14767100 4 years
Try this blog out, instead of begging for money. Its a great way to earn cash and pretty much anything you could want off Amazon.
Deckymc Deckymc 4 years
Hi I recently was laid off from my job from lack of business. I would like to move to Australia from Ireland but am having some trouble putting the money together to get there. Any donation would be greatly received through PayPal thank you. Address is
SickAndPoor SickAndPoor 4 years
I`m 26 years old, and 12 of my years i struggle with a mental illnes that nobody seems to recognise or have a cure for. Here`s a list of things that are not what they used to be: Concentration, breathing, physical strength, social skills etc etc etc Because of this, i can`t hold a job longer then 2 months, and because nobody knows the term of my illnes, they refuse to mark me as ''ill'' and the struggle continue`s. Because of me loosing job after job, i am forced to find an other way.. to fill the gaps. My email is and this is also my paypal, thanks in advance.
joe18550 joe18550 4 years
hi, am not happy about coming here to ask but myself and 2 family members are renting a house in ireland from the council and the area we are in was 8 years ago supposed to get a significant regeneration programme to improve the area but then the recession hit and most of the work stopped and now there are lots of vacant houses and the council wont do anything about it and the area is full of crime and negativity and we are scared to stay here much longer but i no longer work full time and only get 2 days a week which is not enough we asked the council to rehouse us in another area but they have nothing available at the moment and we cant afford to rent a house privatley as we need 2 months rent in advance to rent privately we are in a lot of stress and cant relax in the house because of the condition of the area, if anyone could please consider giving us a small donation you have no idea how much we appreciate it, thank you so much, even 1 dollar, pound,euro be great thank you paypal is
Amyznameha Amyznameha 4 years
I'm a single mom to a 2 year old, I do have a job and and my mother and I are working at home to make different types of baby items, jewelry, and other items for a flea market spot I have for weekends. I am struggling to keep up with my bills and have a lot of debt I was left with when I was recently left. I need more supplies for my weekend flea market business and I'm not sure what I'm going to be able to do. I cannot get a loan I have tried, and I have been using local resources such as food banks, thrift stores, and such. I might lose my weekend work which is also what my mother depends on as she isn't as well off to be able to work a regular job. I need help taking care of my daughter and my mother. $2000 would help me pay off my rent, power, insurance, and help me get enough supplies to keep my weekend business running. If anyone can help me i need this asap at least $1000 to pay off my rent and bills. I dont want to lose everything. please help me, this would turn my life around especially for my daughter. I do have a Paypal account the email address is Thank you so much and I pray this gets out to the right person who can help me. Thank you.
goodmommy goodmommy 4 years
To a warm heart. It is not like I'm not trying. I am a single mother of 3 sons aged 3, 5 & 7. My marraige was even worse than the life I'm living now. I was a slave for my husband that build up a empire in his name. He was raking in the money and I had to run the household, maintain the gardens, do all the renovations to his properties (tiling, building, plumbing etc.) I got food in my stomach and a roof over my head. My family gave me their old clothes, bought me toiletries, and give me pocket money. I got away!!! I left with a couple of furniture and a bicycle with a trailer. I've had a dream throughout my 13 year hell. To become a Graphic Designer. I would practice a bit everyday. It helped! I GOT a job and I started getting on my feet. With loads of financial help from my parents. My husband doesn't pay maintenance. All his business is under the table, and not even the courts could help me. We were married out of community of property. He only pays for the children's school fees and extra mural activities. And then the company I worked for went bankrupt and I lost my job. My oldest son has autism and it has been a hard road raising him. Since I've left my husband, my son is getting better. He is talking and even learning a second language!! My husband makes my life so hard with the hope that I would come back. I'd never go back. I've had a little taste of independance and I want it now more than ever. My kids are still young and I spend all my time getting them around to their activities. The routine is starting to establish and soon I can start working full time again. Working full time will have to justify a decent salary. I'm going to have to commute to the city as the small town I stay in now offers very small salaries. In order to work in the city I must be able to work Adobe Illustrator and Indesign. Im very dedicated and learned Photoshop, on which I'm quite good now, by going through tutorials online. I'm going to have to do the same with the other programs. I work harder than a usual person, I get less sleep in than you average. I try very very hard and I never take more than I need in life. I'm 34 years old, yet my hands looks like a 45 year old woman. I'm always optimistic and positive and I know I will get there. Please help me financially so that I can settle my children properly and get the knowledge I NEED to find myself a decent paying job. It is very important for me to have well-educated, disciplined stable children and Im giving it my all. I'm on the brink of having to make debt, and I don't want to fall into that hole. I've just crawled out of the deepest, darkest, helpless 13 years no woman has to go through. Please contact me Welcome to skype me nicoleen.carter2.
sandrabovvi sandrabovvi 4 years
i have never ask any one for a cent i whas a hard worker who became sick after some years lost my job because of that sometimes there whas no food to eat and allmost lost my house if there is anyone who can help me out i would be very happy my paypal is
sandrabovvi sandrabovvi 4 years
hi can anyone help me to get on my feet again i lost my job whas sick for a very long time allmost lost my house and i have been taking care of 3 children by myself any donation is welcome my paypal is it will make a big different in my life thank you so much
tpierorazio tpierorazio 4 years
This is very hard for me, I lost my job a month ago, my savings has pretty much ran out, phone just got turned off today and I got evicted from my apartment. I dont have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Im very depressed and nowhere to turn. I have a brother im trying to figure out to get there. but without a dollar to my name im in dire straits till then, no food etc. I came across this website when I was surfing on tips on how to survive being homeless. As a man admitting im scared is difficult, and I really don't want to live but I don't want to die and the suffering in between is intolerable this last month. I just cant believe im 42 years old without nada, without hope, Reasons for Donations To get enough money to eat, turn on the phone to call my brother and get myself travel money my paypal is
sandrabovvi sandrabovvi 4 years
hi my name is Julian i am 21 years old trying to get up on my feet after taking care of my sick mother and litlle sister i am trying to start my own live but dont have the needs and money for that so please help me out to make my dreams come true my paypal is any donation is welcome thanks so much
Ljgreaves Ljgreaves 4 years
It's nice to be nice and share with those less fortunate than yourself, also shy kids get nothing, all donations will be very muh appreciated, no matter how big or small, I very much doubt anyone will do this but would love to be proven wrong, my PayPal is go crazy guys & girls!! Much love!! Xx
Caitlin2009 Caitlin2009 4 years
I need to pay for a visa to stay in the UK. Originally i sent the money out to our lawyer which got lost in the mail. I have already put in a complaint about it being lost but i have not heard back yet. I dont have time to wait for the payment as I need to get some money to pay this or else the visa is going to be rejected, I do get Social Security and i could pay for it with that but i only get $856 and paying for the visa is $847 so paying with SS is not gonna leave me with much for the month. Me and my partner were long distance for 2 and half years, we had 3 visa rejections and it was just extremely hard, We dont want to go back to being long distance again as we worked too hard to even get me to the UK
dopaz dopaz 4 years
hi, im a stepfather of 2 struggling to keep things afloat, i work hard away from home to try and better things in homelife but struggle day to day, we rent a house but are finding it really hard, behind with rent etc, we put our kids education first and send them to a better school a few mile away so have to pay private school bus fees and we always try and allow them to go on school holidays etc, i miss out on loads due to being away most times, if anyone could help financially it would be greatly appreciated and paid back if we can, contact, thank you for your time
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