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Are You More Tech Savvy Than Your Boss?

Have you found yourself in this situation? Your boss is either a bit of a technophobe or just doesn't understand how email/her BlackBerry/the office scanner works and asks for your help every time she turns on the device? One writer at Marie Claire confesses she has to help her boss with even the most mindless tech issues — and she's not alone. After swapping war stories, the writer and her friends doubled over with laughter from tales of bosses adding "www." to the front of email addresses, trying to use the computer's calculator function by tapping the numbers as if they were on an ATM screen, and the inability to silence a cell-phone ring.

It makes sense; many of our superiors rose through the ranks working in far less technical environments. (Can you imagine working without a computer!?) But it's still a strange feeling. As the writer says, "Aside from technology issues, I'm not used to teaching my boss something she doesn't know."

Have you had to deal with a similar situation? Do you have a funny story? Share it in the comments after taking the poll.

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mouldy mouldy 7 years
don't get me started on this. my ex boss was so annoying. i had to teach him formatting on word processing! and i had to organise his computer, install softwares etc etc and even setup the office internet and printer network! cos he was too cheap to pay someone to do it and if i (and another colleague) didn't do it, we'll never get anything done.
mek123 mek123 7 years
I'm more tech savvy than most of the people in my office and one of the oldest so age is not the only factor, it is the willingness and desire to learn something new. My husband can't figure out his cell phone either.
Elfyn Elfyn 7 years
I know I'm not the norm here since I'm the boss and I'm older and waaaay more tech savvy than any of my employees could ever hope to be. Like L7amiguita's boss I learned about computers and programming by reading books. The sad thing is most people of my generation are not very tech savvy including my poor dear husband who is just learning to text on his cell phone.
LadyLiLa83 LadyLiLa83 7 years
I think I'm more tech savvy than basically everyone at my office. It's kind of funny actually.
LilGlamDiva LilGlamDiva 7 years
We joke that it's a generational thing, cause I'm aaaalways turned to for tech advice or when people's blackberries stop working. I want to charge for tech consulting... seriously.
L7amiguita L7amiguita 7 years
I work for a small software company and my boss is the person who founded the company. He learned to be a programmer by just reading books. He knows way more than me that's for sure!
pacenerd pacenerd 7 years
Her inefficiency makes me want to quit.
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