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Just to confirm that teenage girls were mostly uninterested in developing careers in science, the New Outlooks in Science & Engineering group (NOISE) ran a survey asking the 13- to 18-year-old demographic about their ideal careers. Just four percent selected engineer as their career of choice, 14 percent opted for a career in science, and 32 percent have their hopes on a career in modeling.

While these results aren't particularly shocking, it's interesting to note that 35 percent of the girls aren't attracted to careers in science and engineering because they don't know enough about the opportunities in these areas. NOISE is working to get girls more interested in math and science by allowing them to shadow scientists at work, and hopes to influence the media to portray the field in a more positive light.

Did you ever consider a career in science growing up? Do you think there was enough exposure to the possibilities in the field when you were in school?


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