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I don't know about you, ladies, but there's just something about staying in your own bed, showering in your own bathroom, and using your own stuff that I have a hard time compromising around when the relationship gets serious.

I like a little color, good quality linens, a few nice candles, and other small indulgences that make home feel like sanctuary. I don't want to gender stereotype here, but I think maybe the fellas just haven't been taught what to appreciate or look for in linens.

Therefore, a primer for the bedsheets and the boys. Upgrade, and we just might spend a little more time in your bed! Click here to

Since the days of top sheets and blankets are numbered, finding a quality duvet is both a practical and easy first step. Get it baffled with high quality down. You must buy a duvet cover at the same time, fellas. Make it the same size as the duvet itself and keep the cover washed once a week, as with your bottom sheet. If you can't wash it once a week, buy yourself two. Please.

If your pillows are lumpy and heavy, or flat as a pancake, you've got a problem. Anything with feathers must be replaced at least every three years. It's shocking, but after 2 years, ten percent of your pillow weight is due to dust mites, mold, fungus, droppings and bacteria. Pretty gross, huh? For everything you could ever want to know about these mites, click here.

Believe me, boys, when I tell you thread count matters. The thread count of a sheet refers to the number of threads that are woven together to make up one square inch of your linens. As a rule of thumb, your sheets shouldn't be any less than 200-thread count. The more threads, the softer the sheets. Nirvana can be achieved at 1000-thread count (or so I've heard). For more information, click here. Ideally, I would shoot for 400 count. That's a grown-up thread-count, it won't break the bank, and your girlfriend will be tres impressed. Every good store has an annual sale, and that's the perfect time to stock up on linens. Restoration Hardware is known for having 'masculine' colors and patterns for the bed and bath, so their site could be a starting point.

Some small improvements to your bedroom will make a world of difference for you and for us. Besides, it's a nice way to begin appreciating the little, subtle things around you, which we find very sexy. Stay tuned for bathroom advice!


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Tech Tech 10 years
I couldn't agree more!
aistea311 aistea311 10 years
First of all Dearsugar, THAT PICTURE IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!Because of this article, I am going to throw away my boyfriend's old pillows and buy him some new ones. Is it a tradition for all guys to own a lumpy futon and unmatching sheets? I might not like duvet covers and a bunch of big pillows, but a nice blanket makes sleeping so much better.
3Sweeties 3Sweeties 10 years
I am obsessive about sheets- I buy them all the time. Luckily, my husband appreciates my efforts to make our home beautiful- these days. When we first got maried, he had an ugly, old, pilled, faded BROWN NAVAJO print comforter. I said N"o, that has got to go." He thought I was being dramatic, but I explained that I need things to look pretty in order to feel happy! Now he loves a beautiful, inviting bed too.
JAM-the-MAN JAM-the-MAN 10 years
look forward to the bathroom advice.
grl-in-the-world grl-in-the-world 10 years
OMG! When I first started going out with my boyfriend he was living in a scuzzy college student apartment. His mattress was on the bare floor and his sheets were from when he was about 10 year old. I threw them into the wash in some VERY hot water with extra detergent. Now that we live together he loves to have a nice matching sheet set with a good thread count, so I guess he just didn't know what he was missing :) . I'm obsessive about good pillows too and I replace them all the time, there's nothing grosser than laying on a nasty old smooshed pillow.
Marci Marci 10 years
This is so funny! And so true!! Yes, memorize those thread count numbers because they do make a difference! My boyfriend was sleeping on a lumpy futon with flat pillows when I met him, but interestingly he liked nice looking linens and it made a lovely first impression. But the thread count was definitely in the street fair arena and he wasn't too open to making any changes until we moved into a new apartment together. Then he became like Martha Stewart.
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