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Things That Insurance Won't Cover

10 Things Your Insurance Won't Cover

We're thrilled to present this smart Bundle story here on Savvy!

You're a good grownup. You have health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, and homeowner's insurance. Life can throw anything your way, and you'll be covered! Well, not anything. Each of the insurance plans that you pay premiums for every month have caveats and asterisks and fine print. Here are ten surprising things that you insurance probably doesn't cover.

  • Stuff in your car. If your car is broken into, your comprehensive coverage will replace the broken window. What it won't replace is anything that got jacked. The property in your car is covered instead by your homeowner's or renter's insurance, if you have it.
  • Nuclear disaster. If you live near a nuclear power plant and it has a meltdown and you are forced to abandon your house, your homeowner's insurance will not cover it.

    Your shrink. Some health insurance policies have mental health coverage, but many do not. Before you get too comfortable on the therapist's couch, double check to see who will be paying for it.

Read on for more.

  • Earthquake. Earthquake coverage must be purchased in addition to homeowner's insurance. Damage from tsunamis spurred by earthquakes is not covered (awesome).
  • Home healthcare. Some heath insurance plans will pay for home nursing care, but many won't. Check your policy.
  • Terrorism. Pre 9/11, many homeowner's insurance policies didn't mention terrorism. Post 9/11, most policies exclude acts of terrorism as a legit reason for filing a claim.
  • Mold. If your house is infested with mold, it can mean health problems for your whole family; it might even mean abandoning your house. But it won't be a problem for your insurance company: your policy won't cover mold.
  • Floods. Earthquake insurance doesn't cover tsunamis, but flood insurance does. Again, flood coverage is an extra add-on that normal homeowner's insurance doesn't cover.
  • Sewer or sump pump backup. As a homeowner, few things might be worse than to find your house filled with sewage, except maybe that your homeowner's insurance won't cover it.
  • Reproductive medicine Whether you want hormone therapy and in vitro to have a baby or a vasectomy so you can't have one, your health insurance likely won't cover it.
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