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Performance reviews aren't all about the money, but for an employee's bottom line, they are. Companies have been making big decisions this quarter based on the poor performance of the past year and the uncertainty they face going in to 2009. With big companies laying off by the thousands (in the last week we saw Yahoo and Goldman Sachs cut ten percent of their massive workforces) and many smaller companies instilling temporary hiring freezes, we can be fairly certain that 2008 raises will be, at most, unremarkable. So what if you want more to show for your hard work in the last year than the fact that you held on to your job? See three things to ask for when you


  1. Fitness: You might love your gym or fitness studio, but hate paying the membership fees. Because health is a bottom line issue for employers battling the high cost of health care, it is both in your interest and theirs that you stay healthy. Propose that the company subsidizes your fitness fees and negotiate a monthly amount that you will be reimbursed for these costs.
  2. Work one day from home: This isn't feasible for all jobs, but in this computer and conference call driven culture, many duties can be seamlessly moved from the office to your home. Telecommuting isn't rare for full-time employees so, if it would make your life less stressful to work from home one day a week, ask for it.
  3. Gas / Transportation: You have to get to work somehow, and more often than not it involves spending money. Negotiate an amount that you will be reimbursed for gas or other transportation costs to cut down on your monthly commute expenditures.


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bwhatbrown bwhatbrown 8 years
If you are not going to get a raise this year(or getting a very small raise) see if your company is willing to negotiate a severance package so you get something on the back end to protect yourself. Also look at your job description again. Many times there a phrase like " the company retains the right to change the compensation at anytime" written into the contract. If you see that try to negotiate something like this: If the compensation package is changed by the company my "do not compete clause" becomes null and void.
mdaniels mdaniels 8 years
FYI Yahoo! hasn't cut their staff YET... cuts come just after Thanksgiving. In California, some medical plans cover fitness as it's a part of holistic health.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
see - this is kind of frustrating, since it's not all that helpful for me. my company already offers us a really discounted corporate fitness program and even if i work from home, it's not like it's making me earn more money. also, with the transportation thing, i work in NYC - so i take the subway - so even if they covered that - it wouldn't make a dent in what i'm making. any other suggestions? i'm trying not to be a negative nancy.
Emerald-Lady Emerald-Lady 8 years
Unfortunately, be prepared to have your proposal turned down. I tried to negotiate additional time off. I knew that my boss couldn't give me a good raise and I explained that vacation time has a monetary value, but does not hit the cash - P&L which raises, gas re-imbursement, and gym memberships do. He was all for it, but it got rejected because it would look like favoritism. Such BS...others were just miffed that they didn't think of it!! Give it a try, you don't have anything to loose. Just be prepared for corporate not being interested in generosity beyond you should be thankful you have a job!!
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 8 years
All great ideas. Will keep them in mind.
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