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It would make sense that restaurant servers' tips have declined with a weak economy causing more people to forgo eating out, but they are also reporting a decrease in the amount of tips received from regular customers. Bartenders, cab drivers, and hairstylists have also noticed their income from tips falling along with the economy and admitted that some customers aren't giving any gratuity at all.

People are generally putting some distance between themselves and unnecessary services: scheduling hair appointments further apart, eating and drinking at home, and opting for public transportation over cabs are some ways they're doing this. This is completely understandable, but when we do use those services we should be prepared to tip accordingly.

It doesn't make sense to me that tipping would waiver if there hasn't been a change in the quality of service. Considering that many service workers rely on tips for the majority of their income, we should be mindful when paying and remember that everyone has bills to pay! Have any of you working in tip-reliant jobs noticed negative changes as of late?


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