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Tipping For Your Wedding

Dear Sugar
What is the policy for tipping vendors at your own wedding? Generous Groom

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Dear Generous Groom
Something to keep in mind, is that the vendors that you hired for your wedding are in the service industry so generally tipping is encouraged. However, in this instance, do not feel required to tip them the industry standard which is 15-20% (if they expect that, it will most likely be included in your service contract).

A nominal tip of about $100 - $200 is fine (base it on how pleased you were with them). Bring lots of cash with you to the wedding so you are prepared in advance. Also, think about who gets what before you get caught up in the moment (i.e. booze happy and blissfully in love) so that the next day you don't freak out because you've spent your honeymoon money! Congrats on your wedding.

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alsie alsie 11 years
The Knot also has many articles that discuss protocol. Always check your contract, you might have already tipped them in your payment.
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 11 years
check out miss manners. it's different depending on the vendor.
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