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The Grind: Three Tips For Not Hating Work

Getting my monthly Glamour is one of those little pleasures in life. And while the bulk of the pages are beauty based, they always sneak a couple of pages in with little gems of work and money tips. This month they included an article titled "Every Woman's Guide to Not Hating Work" with tips from a young 30-something named Megan Hustad, author of How to Be Useful.

  • Consider yourself self-employed: Remember that in the long run, you're really working for you in pursuit of your own goals and no one else's. Megan assures that "Once you feel more in control of your career, you won't let the petty stuff at work get you down."
  • Play dress up: Looking neat and stylish can really give you a mental and professional boost. Megan has experience to back this up and explained, "I once got a promotion because I wore a nice suit, three days a week, for about a month. My boss started to worry that I was going on job interviews."
  • Take every day of your vacation: According to Megan, "Women need time away from work to recenter themselves. Otherwise, you will burn out."


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