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Tips For Shopping at Wegmans

11 Tips For Shopping at Wegmans

All You is highlighting your favorite grocery stores and sharing how you can save big when shopping. If you thought you knew everything about Wegmans, you may be surprised at what you didn't know. Read on for more grocery saving tips below!

Here at All You, we know that your favorite supermarket is more than just a place to pick up groceries. Whether they have amazing produce, let you stack coupons, or hire friendly cashiers, there's a reason why you shop where you do. We're highlighting different grocery stores (and the readers who shop there) in our new Why I Love My Grocery Store series. Interested in being featured? Join Reality Checker Central and head to our Smart Shopping campaign to tell us where you shop and how you save.

We first realized our readers' loyalty to the low-priced and locally-sourced Wegmans when we reported that the supermarket would be opening 10 new locations in the next three years. Meet Janet Gretch of New York, just one member of Team Wegmans who was first introduced to the grocery store during a shopping trip with her mother. Ever since, she admits that she prefers to shop there instead of a competing grocery store that's closer to her house. "I found Wegmans to be a store that has unique customer service and makes a shopper feel at home," she says. Here are some of her tips about how to save at the East Coast regional chain.


1. Take advantage of Wegmans' "Double Coupons" policy.

Janet frequently gets coupons in the mail, and if she finds one for a product valued at under $.99, Wegmans will double the discount up to $.99 in savings. For coupons with savings of $1 or greater, Wegmans will also honor them at face value. And since Wegmans carries a mix of both manufactured brand-name products along with their own store brand, you'll be able to find the products — and the savings — you're looking for.

2. Reap the rewards of their Shoppers Club card.

Swipe your Shoppers Club card every time you check out to earn savings towards your purchases. You can also load up these cards with W$ (or WDollars), which can be redeemed as cash value for goods and services at any Wegmans store!

3. Stack coupons and your Shoppers Club discounts for even deeper savings.

Even better than just having a rewards program is that Wegmans will let you double up to one manufacturer's coupon and one Shoppers Club discount or store coupon on the same item.

4. Download their mobile app to keep savings with you on-the-go.

Shopping at Wegmans is made easier with their mobile app (Apple and Android), where you can create your shopping list, bookmark items from past purchases, scan items directly into your list, access your Shoppers Club card, and more. Browse through the menus for a new recipe to try out, and add the ingredients directly to your list with one simple tap. The app even sorts items based on their store location, so you can spend less time scouring the aisles and more time enjoying the Wegmans experience.

5. Try out their unique international foods selection.

Janet swears by the never-ending selection of produce at Wegmans, and to top it off, their variety of international foods from all over the world. You can easily find something for every palate with their aisles of Asian, British, French, German, Indian, Jamaican, Latino, Mediterranean, and other specialty and ethnic foods.

6. Enjoy the friendly customer service.

Wegmans' family-owned values have consistently landed it as one of the best companies to work for, and their treatment of employees shows in their unparalleled customer service. Janet recalls one particular shopping trip with her mother who, at 85 years old, needed a break from walking the store's aisles. "While shopping her legs gave out," Janet says. "I saw a table and chair display, so I went to get her a chair so she could rest. Within seconds, there was not one, not two, but three employees that came over to help. All were from different sections of the store. One brought her water, another a damp paper towel, and they each asked her several times what could they do for her."

7. Stay updated on product recalls.

Product recalls can be a dangerous affair if not handled appropriately and quickly. But when she shops at Wegmans, Janet says she rests assured that the store will keep her updated about potential recalls on the items she's purchased there, even after she brings them home. "Whenever there's a product recall, I get a postcard at my house if it was something I may have purchased there," she says.

8. Take a break to enjoy some fine dining.

To the uninitiated, walking into Wegmans could leave you wondering if you've entered a grocery store or a restaurant. The supermarket is known for its ready-to-eat selections prepared for shoppers on the spot, including fresh sushi, hot and cold sub sandwiches, a customizable salad bar, bakery-fresh items, and more.

9. Return faulty products — no questions asked.

Buy something that wasn't quite up to your taste? Janet can vouch for their return policy, which she's used on several occasions. "I have returned things without a receipt and no questions are even asked," she says.

10. Knock out all your errands at the one-stop shop.

Between their groceries, ready-made foods, florist, pharmacy, bakery, and home goods section, you can get all of your everyday needs at rock-bottom prices while stopping in at Wegmans. "They carry much more than just groceries, and I am comfortable buying any item in the one-stop-to-shop place," Janet says.

And if they don't carry something you're looking for, all you have to do is ask. "At one time, they had only Wegmans' chocolate sandwich cookies, but my dear hubby prefers vanilla," Janet says. "I mentioned it to an employee, and within a short period of time, they started making and selling vanilla sandwich cookies. My hubby says, 'Move over Oreo!'"

11. Support local farmers while paying competitive prices.

While you're browsing the endless aisles of fresh produce and unique items, you'll also find signs marking products that are locally grown from producers in your area. The chain even runs its own organic farm in upstate New York!

Janet's final advice for a Wegmans newbie: "I would tell anyone who has never been to Wegmans to try it once. You will never go back to your old store!"

— Jennifer Liu

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