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Tips For Working From Home

What You Need to Know For Working From Home

There's a great feature in the May issue of Marie Claire called "Home Work" that's, surprise surprise, all about working from home. It profiles a day-in-the-life of four women in different careers who all work from home, and those women are only a very small fraction of the four million Americans who work from home full-time and the 20 million who telecommute part-time. Making the transition from office-work to home-work is tougher than most would think, and career coach and home-office worker Nicole Williams gives these seven tips for starting business from the same place you sleep.

  • Set boundaries: Even if you live in a studio, create a corner that's designated for work, and spend finite hours in it, based on industry standards and your own rhythms.
  • Don't undersell yourself: Don't undersell yourself: When setting rates, research your competitors and calculate what you need to live on. And know that just because you love something doesn't mean you shouldn't make real money at it.
  • Give it time: You have no team, no assistant. Things take longer now, so give yourself a couple of weeks to figure out your pace.

There are four more tips so just

  • Stagger pitches: Hearing "no" can be deflating, and the last thing you want to do afterward is start from scratch, so always have something in the hopper that you can turn to.
  • Hire yourself a boss: Find a career coach with solid credentials — or an accountability buddy — to help you meet goals.
  • Uninspired? Work through it: You know those days when you didn't feel like going to the office, but you shook off your funk by working? Do the same at home: Be disciplined, and a few hours in, you'll be out of the fog.
  • Don't quit: It's going to take time before you start making money. But if you're realistic and you persevere, there's nothing in the world like working for yourself.


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